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Making your first Tip with Contextual


Please ensure that you have integrated Contextual into your application or that you are using one of our demo apps. This walkthrough also thinks that you have already connected phone and taken your first screenshot. is also a great place to get started for any questions you may have. You can watch a video demonstration of this document:


Experiment is now referred to as Guide in the Dashboard.

  1. First step is to press on the experiment button in the side panel and then press on the New Mobile Experiment button. (Image below)

    Contextual Experiment Step 1

  2. The next step is to choose pick one screen (image below)

    Contextual Experiment Choose one screen

  3. Next step is to choose the screenshot by hovering over the screenshot you want the tip to appear on and clicking on select

    Contextual Experiment Select screen

  4. Next choose Contextual Tip (Placed tip)

  5. Choose a template that you want to use (we will use the picture template for this example)
  6. Choose which element you want the tip to attach to by selecting one by clicking on the highlighted blue outline of the different elements in the screen shot. (image below)

    You can then select the orientation of the tip.

    Click on highlighted

  7. Next step is to change the content by Clicking on the content tab (Image above). You can then change the text font colour etc by clicking on the advanced menu of the content tab.

    Click here to change content

  8. Final step is to click on the big tick and then you can name and save the experiment. (Image Below). For this example the target audience is just android users as that is what device the screenshot was taken in. If you want to know more about targeting more specific user groups please contact us either through the chat or at

    target your audience

    save your experiment

Last update: 2022-02-14