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Publishing content on a dynamic URL

Sometimes URLs in your application can contain variables that are related to a specific user account or are generated randomly. These dynamic URLs tend to always have some common structure to them but also have something like an account number or random id.

For example: or

Both the URLs above have a dynamic element that represents which project/design the user is working on, the rest of the address is identical.

How to target experiments to dynamic URLs

Step 1 - Create your design using Contextual dashboard.

Step 2 - When in the design stage and on the "Look" Tab, click on the "Advanced URL settings"

Advanced URL settings

Step 3 - Then choose the operator that makes sense for your URL, for this example the best option is start with.

Advanced URL example

Step 4 - Save for this step and if you are creating a tour make sure this setting has been applied for each step in the tour.


You can "Add Another" address if you want the experiment to appear on two similar pages with a slightly different address. Simply click on the add another button.

Last update: 2022-02-14